Some say that civilization is only roughly 10,000 years old and that man moved from hunters gathers to cities at that point in history. Archeological digs in Europe and the Mediterranean have recorded their place in mans current history.  The oldest of these civilizations is found in modern day Iraq and we call this civilization Sumerian, after the city of Sumer, in the Mesopotamian river valley.

There in the ancient ruins of  clay tablets were discovered by Austen Henry.  These tablets were eventually deciphered and their story revealed.  The Sumerians were a vast empire stretching from lower Turkey to the coast of the Red Sea, and these people were meticulous record keepers. Everything from crop yields to marriages to population censes were closely recorded and stored for future generations, and here also was recorded a listing of their kings going back from after the world flood to 250,000 years before the Biblical event.  In fact the very tablets themselves record a history of a people advanced centuries before the rise of Israel.  Here was a centuries older story of the creation, the first telling of the E-Dan, of the creation of the Adamm-u, and how he was again altered so that he could procreate.  How they were changed by “putting their mark on him, he was made in their image and their likeness;” and most importantly, WHY MAN WAS CREATED.

Here was the first telling of a great boat being built by Zuzurida the grandson of one of their main gods, Ea/Enki, eldest son of Anu, Emporor of their home world Nibiru.  Enki half brother to the royal heir Enil, First royal son of Anu, and leader of the Anunnaki on earth.  Anunnaki in Sumerian means, “Those who from the sky came down”, and in these tablets are written the story of a desperate people trying to save their world from cosmic destruction caused by their planet’s atmosphere deteriorating every time it completes its 3600 year cycle around our sun. This planets loss of its atmospheric shield led to the Niberians suffering from droughts, starvation, and eventually affecting their very existence through sterility by exposure to cosmic radiations previously safely shielded.  Their scientists finally determined, after countless failures, in order to repair this breach, Gold in its molecular form was the only substance which would remain high in their atmosphere and contain the correct properties to shield them from the destructive energies which were ravaging their world. So in this moment our fate was forever intertwined with these beings from another world for the gold which they so desperately sought was located, here, on this planet.

These “gods” were far from divine, they ate, slept, got angry, fought, drank, lusted, had sex, plotted and murdered.

Their story is one of desperation, greed, and power.  A story about a family which left their world with the mission to save it, but their personal rivalries which began on Nibiru manifests itself here on earth, leading again to wars and destruction.

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